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D: BerichtGeplaatst: 21 Jul 2013 00:49    Onderwerp: D: / Calamaistr's The time crafter [4] - Mozaic. Reageren met citaat

Geregistreerd op: 02 Nov 2008
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The timecrafter [4] MOZAIC

genre: hifi hybrid classical soundtrack.
status: gratis.


1-Intro. (prologue)

2-Building the ship. (Sol-Ragna (sunrock) theme)

3-A calm before the storm. (Kyigei visits Meric and his son Sidel and writes his brother about a personal predicament)

4-End of the Sun. (Osega falls by the hand of Atadema)

5-Rise and fall. (Paa aman takes power, then throws it away being mad from the wish for revenge on Atadema. Whilst Kyigei resides in Caboth with meric's son 'Sidel')

6-The right choice. (Severe fracture of the Kingdom complicates the heading of the ship, Uume decides to take full command of the ship and leave Trine for now, first delivering the Denimus research to Kyigei for safekeeping)

7-Through the spire exchange. (Uume is caught in the time portal with his ship and trades with the God golem Icle)

8-Burning the desert. (Paa aman dies by his reanimated fathers hand in the desert of owls, tragic.. )

9-River of gold. (Kyigei fights and is slain by Atadema in Caboth, failing to protect the recordings about the Denimus, In retrospect on TTC-1; Buhishin was suggested by the Roamer Yuricharai to do so)

10-Rebirth of the flower. (epilogue, The end of caboth, Sidel's rise.)

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